Sunday, 12 May 2013


I adapted a great wooden photo block idea from Pinterest to make this Mothers Day present for my daughter. I have fallen in love with making my own photo blocks, with canvas or wood and can see more of these being made soon - perhaps for my home this time. Mod Podge is definitely my new favourite craft tool. 

3 steps:

  1. Paint wooden block desired colour - let dry for at least a day
  2. Print words onto patterned paper
  3. Glue paper, letters, bling and photo onto wooden blocks with Mod Podge...I glue it on to the block then an even coverage all over the top.
Dry overnight or longer.

Happy Mothers Day :)

Monday, 4 February 2013


Welcoming Leah

19 days ago we welcomed our first Grandchild Leah Hope into our family. I was with my daughter for over 24 hrs while she was in labour and then waiting to meet Leah and see Jess after she eventually had an emergency caesarean. It was the most exhausting, scary but exciting day and the last few weeks have been filled with spending time with my daughter and beautiful granddaughter while trying to keep my son happy in the school holidays.
I have made 2 layouts already of Leah....I will photograph them in daylight soon and share them here. During my time off work (2 1/2 weeks and 2 more to go to help Jess) I have been baking new things and sorting my home. Still more sorting to do but going to try to enjoy the next few weeks with some me time and lots of time with my beautiful little Leah.